About Me

Just me
Just me

Sam Hoff

Vancouver, Canada

What tests say about me:

Myers Briggs thinks I’m an ENTJ
True colours thinks I’m Gold
Enneagram thinks I’m a 4w3
Personality Traits (according to “Anatomy of Love”): Explorer, Nurturer
Strengths (according to StrengthsFinder):
 2013: Relater, Harmony, Restorative, Learner, Deliberative
 2015: Connectedness, Woo, Adaptability, Empathy, Arranger

A couple of things that I’m not sure I believe mean anything:
Blood type B

What I’ve done:
Computer Science Major
Daycare Supervisor
Event Coordinator
ECM Consultant

What I think about myself:
Like to dance, do new things, meet new people, do yoga, explore, write, and learn.
And, I can be really fun at a party. Or the sad guy in the corner, it all depends.