The Broken Man

The Broken Man

The broken man stands

Though he breathes, he no longer lives

Gone is the presence and light that flowed through him

Inside of him, the light has flickered and gone out

Eyes wet with pain and sadness, he looks ahead

Lifeless grey meets his gaze

Looking back he can see a path of blood

And far in the distance the burnt embers of what once was

The joy sucked out of him and the way lost, all he can do is wander

Hoping to find life or a purpose, but no longer naive enough to expect either

The further he walks, the more desperate he gets

The dark path ahead is unsure

And where light once burned, fear now grows

But still he wanders, ever more fearful, ever more on edge, ever more angry

Is insecurities feasting on the darkness and growing strong, his once thick skin thinning and showing the black

He can rest, but all he can really do is move forward

And so weary he walks