Shitting your pants

Shitting your pants

So, most people can’t really understand depression. They can kinda relate, but unless they’ve been there, it’s hard to really understand.

Something like 1 in 8 people will experience it in their lifetimes though, which is a lot, and that means that most people will probably have loved ones who suffer through it.

Imagine you are at a party. Let’s say it’s a work party and everyone is dressed in nice clothes. Suddenly, while in an engaging conversation that could lead to new opportunities for you. Starting to get excited, you realize you need to shit.

Shouldn’t have eaten that spicy curry before coming…

You may be able to suppress this for a while and continue to focus on and engage in the conversation. But then you realize you really really need to shit.

You don’t really want to end the conversation, but you excuse yourself and hope to catch up with them later.

Clenching your ass cheeks with superhero might, you make your way to the washroom.

Along the way various people try to engage you in conversation. You politely decline, clenching your teeth. You know that you seemed troubled and wonder if they noticed or whether they felt offended or concerned. But, no time. Washroom. Now. Is all you can really focus on.

Finally you make it there and push open the door. Wondering if you’ll make it to the stall, you feel both panic and relief as you step in. Will I make it? I’m almost there!

2 stalls out of 3 are out of order. And the last one has a line up of three men already waiting. Fuck!

You are barely able to speak and wonder if you should ask to budge to the front, push them out of the way, or wait patiently.

Despite your body screaming at you and panic ensuing, you manage the courage and the focus necessary to politely ask “excuse me, I’ve really got to go. Mind if I can go next?”

The first guy responds with contempt on his face. He looks you up and down slowly and says “phhhh. We’ve all got to go buddy, suck it up. “