Beautiful Sunrise
An unexpected nighttime adventure

Beautiful Sunrise
An unexpected nighttime adventure

He sits on the grass relaxed and at peace

The sun has just set, and he is thinking of how the colours sounded


A beautiful bright light appears suddenly

Full of colour and warmth it dances gracefully through the sky

It comes close and they touch

His own light becomes brighter and more beautiful than before, transforming him

The lights entwine and dance across the sky together

New colours shine off them each time they dance

They never want it to stop 


But a baby cries and the man goes to tend the baby 

He tries to go back to touch the light again, but there is a wall

He tries break the wall down, but his mother cries for help

So, he goes back inside to tend to the mother

He rocks the baby to sleep and helps his mother in her fight

Another baby comes and he rocks that one too

He loves his babies and his mother, but he gets tired over time 


Sometimes he sees the light in the sky and remembers the feeling

Catching glimpses of it out the window, in a reflection, in songs, in his mind

Each time, he fills up with brightness and joy

Each time, his heart hurts

Sometimes the light is closer, sometimes further

Sometimes it comes every day, sometimes it does not

Wherever it is, he’s always grateful when he can see it


He watches her as she has moments of beauty and moments of pain

He yearns to feel her beautiful energy

He yearns to reach out and hold her, to feel her pain together

He loves her


But he goes nowhere

Sometimes he waves, but he doesn’t reach out

He clenches his fists, his whole body tightens 

But he knows he can’t dance now

He thinks he can’t dance now 

He wants the light to be able dance again

So he goes nowhere

He loves her


The mother goes to heaven and the babies fall asleep

He goes to see the light and realizes it isn’t there anymore

He isn’t surprised. He was away for a long time and knew it couldn’t stay forever

He knew it didn’t want to go, but it couldn’t keep sharing its brightness and getting nothing in return, it needed light as much as him

He knew that he’s the one who didn’t let her in

He knew all this already, but his world still suddenly becomes so dark


He cries 

He cries because he misses her

He cries remembering all the moments they had together 

He cries for all the moments they didn’t have 

He cries for all the moments he wasn’t there when she needed him to be

He cries until he doesn’t have any tears left


Looking up, he sees the light still shines brightly in the distance

Making new colours as it flies along on its journey

He feels warm and smiles


Looking down, he sees he’s let his own light became dark over time

He hadn’t paid it enough attention 


He believed the wall to be outside

But now it was there inside of him

He believed he still had light, but it had dimmed

It had become just an illusion, a memory

The wall had blocked so much light for so long

The sky has become dark

And he has become dark too


Picking up his tools, he goes to work on removing the wall

He watches the sky as he does so, the sun will rise soon

He takes a rest to watch it

He sits on the grass, takes a deep breath, and watches the colours very slowly start to fade in at the edge of the dark


He  feels at peace, a tear rolls down his cheek

And his light gets a tiny bit brighter